19 Jan, 2017; Roadrunner BLM area, Quartzite, AZ

Time to move!

My tanks are full (fresh water empty) so it must be time to move.  I’m off to join the RV’ing Women Rally just south of Quartzite at the Roadrunner BLM area. 

But, first I have the required visit to the RV Pit Stop in Quartzite.  I fill up my fresh water tank ($2), empty my black/grey ($7), and get my empty propane cylinder filled ($10.50).  I need gas for the Pilot but I’ll do that later when I’m not pulling the trailer.

When I get to the Rally, I have a choice to make

Although trailers are really parked all over the place, I see two concentric half circles of rigs near a giant fire pit.  Clearly, if I want to be in the center of activity, that would be the place to set up.  However, as I look around, I see a (to me) primo spot about 150 yds away near the point of two small washes.  It is surrounded by creosote and other bushes, ironwood trees, and even a saguaro and an Ocotillo!  That’s my spot!

Rain cancels a few of the planned activities, but clears up for a fantastic evening around the campfire!

Torrential rain day, followed by a sunny but windy day, now overcast again – the weather may be unpredictable, but it has cleared enough to allow a couple of outside shared continental breakfasts, several long walks in the desert and a very fun evening around a fire pit big enough for 3 fires!  The fire pit worked out great for such a large group and was surprisingly warm.

I’m glad to have met a bunch of new people, and to catch up with folks  that I’ve met before.

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