RV Tradeshow = more Bling for the Trailer!

25 Jan, 2017; Roadrunner BLM, Quartzite AZ

First, there are the practical items

I finally braved the crowds to go into the big RV Show.  I ended up parking in a very sandy wash - there was already one RV that had sunk into the sand up to the axle - folks were trying to dig it out.  But, I figured the Pilot was pretty light and I do have 4wd with a special 'sand' mode (plus, I was very careful - now, I'll just hope we don't get a freak thunderstorm!).

I was looking for some special microbial based RV Black/Grey Tank treatment - and found it.  Unfortunately, it was right next to a very nifty gadget that will allow me to water my batteries without unpacking everything from the storage compartment.  Also, it measures the water needed - so I don't have to count on my ability to get it right.  

Those are the good things - the bad thing was the price ($80) - but not so bad when contrasted with the cost of replacing two 6 volt deep-cycle batteries!

new caps plus a hose - that connects to a squeeze bulb pump - just squeeze until batteries are full!

Now, for the Bling!

I'd been wanting some bling for the outside of the trailer.  I picked a shiny, metal twirly Kokopelli that hangs nicely from the rock guard.  Even when it's not making bright colors, it casts really neat shadows.

It even has some orange color in it!

Then I got a rainbow windsock and pole (collapsible and very lightweight).

Campfire evenings and lovely sunsets - of course!

Even though the official RV'ing Women rally is over, there are plenty of women around to do campfires in the evenings and walks during the day.  One night there was a drumming circle.

Good night!


  1. You braved the crowds! And meeting so many people. We are not so brave. We are hiding up here on KOFA. I love your new bling.

    1. Every year I like the crowds less! A couple days of looking at all the stuff is great - but the lines and the traffic and the empty grocery shelves . . .
      I have a really pretty camping spot about a 1/4 mile away from most everyone - it's a great retreat at the end of the day.


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