4 Jan, 2017; Imperial Dam LTVA, Yuma AZ

Batteries can’t keep up with all this cloudy weather!

Well,I’ve found the limits to my solar set-up.  With largely overcast days for several weeks, my solar panels can’t get enough power into the batteries to compensate for my normal usage.

I’ve gone on a ‘power diet’ – no furnace, no microwave, no hair-dryer, hot water from the stove only, no TV and still the batteries are hovering around 65-75%. 

I guess I will need to carry my portable solar panel with me after all.  I had thought I would only need it for summers when I’m camping in forested areas of the NW.

I know that driving back to Quartzite will give me a full charge – but it’s also colder there – so we’ll see how much I’ll need the furnace – I could be breaking out my long johns.

Wild life count for my stay at Imperial Dam

Hummers, of course, and lots of egrets; clouds of red-winged blackbirds, sea-gulls, ravens; 1 coyote; and ZERO wild burros.  Given the amount of burro poop, I assumed that I would see a lot of them.  However, after a month here, the pile of poop near my campsite looks exactly the same (even after several strong rains) – so I guess that’s no indicator.  I’ve read that their range includes the Yuma Proving Grounds(1300 square miles) and KOFA wildlife refuge (516,000 acres) – so I guess it’s not so surprising that I didn’t see any.

Clearly someone else's photo - are they smirking?

One last image

Why am I not surprised . . . 

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  1. so your not surprised because every body doesn't think like you?


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