The Quartzite 'Winter Visitor' Experience has begun!

15 Jan, 2017;  Plomosa Rd, Quartzite AZ

Traffic is bad and the lines are long!

I went in to check the Post Office for my mail delivery – the line was over 45 minutes long for General Delivery!  And to top it off, my package wasn’t even there.

After about 40 minutes, I can at least see the beginning of the line!

The neighborhood is bustling.

When I was here in November, I could count the number of other campers around me on one hand – today, I counted over 50 rigs just from my chair (so, not counting 360 degrees).  The Alpine Coach folks are lined up side by side into ‘streets’, and a truck rolled in earlier to set up a giant event tent – complete with generators, and a raised stage. 

The atmosphere is very festive – I love seeing all the flags, lights and other decorations folks put out by their rigs.

Flags, banners, and all sorts of wind-blown whirligigs!

Near me, there is a hot air balloon. I see it every day floating around the area.  Also, a couple of ultra-lite parachute planes (don’t know what they are really called) have been flying around several times a week.

I hear the 'whoosh' of their jets - and it's just over my trailer!

Landing not far away

Also landing nearby!

Let the socializing begin!!

My friends, Forrest and Mary, visited today.  They hadn’t seen my new trailer and I really enjoyed catching up with them.  They will be in Quartzite not only for the Escapee social but are attending the Ham Radio rally in the same area where I will be attending the RV’ing Women Rally – so, I will get to see them again.
Not an hour after Forrest and Mary left for an activity with the Boomers, I was hailed by a gal looking for some friends.  I looked up from my book and realized it was Lynne – my friend from Chatanooga, Tn!!  She and her husband, David, own a 19’ Escape and travel with their cat (so no wonder we are friends!).  I met them several years ago at the Fiberglass Rally here in Quartzite. 
We were both amazed at this coincidental meeting.  I had been following their travel blog (Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mountains) but hadn’t expected to see them until February at the Fiberglass Rally.  They couldn’t stay and visit – but did get a quick tour of my new trailer.

Escapee RV Club Social

I always underestimate how many people there will be in almost every situation – I had expected maybe a 100 folks at the ‘social’.  I had been doing errands and came back to my site about an hour after the social began – there were cars lining both sides of the road for a quarter mile in either direction for my turn-off!!  Then, more cars lining the gravel road near the social (a couple hundred yards from my site).

There was even a DJ and music!  I had a hard time finding Forrest and Mary in the crowd!  Fortunately, after several days of cold, overcast weather, the sun came out for the afternoon and we all had a beautiful afternoon.

Escapee Social

All is quiet at the end of the day

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