Driven out of Yuma!

I was invaded by gnats

I was sitting in my trailer, quietly reading a book after dinner when I noticed some gnats buzzing around my head.  I looked up and was appalled to see the light cover, well, covered in gnats!  So were the mini-blinds, and as I looked around, I realized that the other light covers were also covered in gnats.

They were so small that the window screens couldn't keep them out.  I sprayed with some insect spray, but it barely made a dent!  And it was way too hot to close the windows.  I sprayed and cleaned, and sprayed and cleaned, turning out lights as I went until I was in the dark - but still pretty surrounded by gnats.  Fortunately, they didn't bite.

I'm outta here!!

I hate bugs!  So, even though my campsite is very convenient to Yuma - I'm moving.  Fortunately, I had spent the whole day in Yuma taking care of various errands - life goes on while on the road and the car needed maintenance, the laundry needed doing, I needed to pick up mail (and mail the monkeys!), there were groceries to be bought, etc.  So, I was in pretty good ship to head off to who-knows-where!

Where to go next?

After only 3 days in Yuma, I didn't want to have a big driving day.  I decided to try Imperial Dam LTVA, just about 50 miles from my current spot.  I'd heard about it from a guy while I was in Quartzite - maybe he's even still there.


  1. Yerk! I'd flee the gnats, too!

    Hope it's a lot nicer at Imperial Dam!

    1. It's great! There are wild burros and it's still pretty close to Yuma.


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