So hard to get good photos of these tiny dive bombers!

My camera automatically stitches together shots taken in burst mode!

Shortly after I put my camera away, there was a dramatic aerial conflict between a couple of these very territorial little birds - too bad I didn't catch any of that!

Things are hopping at the LTVA

This morning on my bike ride I came across a miniature airstrip and several guys practicing their touch-and-goes with small electric ( and one not so small, gas powered) remote-controlled air planes.  They regaled me stories of learning to fly - lots of crashes and trips back to the hobby shop.  One little plane was so sophisticated that it even had an auto-pilot feature!  You can turn it on for landings, it automatically kicks in if there's a stall or uncontrolled dive.

I took a nap this afternoon and was awakened by music and a microphone - there was a wedding reception in the pavilion below my campsite!

Kitty Corner

I'm trying to give FW as much freedom as I can when she's outside.  I let her roll around in the dirt turning her immaculate white coat to cafe au lait; I let her examine all the tiny rodent holes; I drew the line when she wanted to roll in burro poop.


  1. That is so cool your camera does that. Did you know there were hummers in the desert or did you get the feeder after you saw them?
    I've been on the river all week watching Piper. Watched a seal today dive and come up with a fish. Then it would swim around with its head above water until the fish was gone.
    Are the gnats staying away?

    1. I expected there to be hummers and brought a little feeder - hard to imagine them surviving in the desert but they do! I did buy a small stand for the feeder - not so many handy trees down here.

      Piper would love the reservoir here! Glad you're getting some time on the river - seals are fun to watch - I've not seen one catch a fish!

      There are few bugs here - which is especially good as I keep the screen door open when FW is outside so she can run back when she gets scared (I forgot once and she bashed into the screen, really panicked and hid under the trailer practically forever.

  2. Hummingbirds... the most cantankerous, most gorgeous little creatures on earth! :)

    A few decades ago I had a lot of fun with model rockets. Never got into the planes. Probably just as well because it would have turned into a very expensive habit with all my probable crashes. I can't believe they have model planes with auto pilot now! How cool!

    You are one good kitty mom.... but, aw mom, no burro poop :D

    1. I was thinking of taking my kites over to the fly area today (if theres enough wind) - no trees and not too many other obstacles.
      Yah, even though I'm an equine-lover and don't have a huge gross-out reaction to their poop - ya gotta draw the line somewhere - especially since FW has taken to sleeping part of the night under the covers with me!


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