Coyote Howls RV Park, Why AZ

The least like a typical RV park ever!

There are 2  Coyote Howls RV parks in Why - with over 550 dry camping spaces laid out in a very casual, neighborhood way.  The long term sites are laid out in streets with huge lots, landscape and decorated by the individual tenants.  The short term area is more higgely-piggely - not often defined sites.  

Some yard art is terrific!

Others, not so much

There is a natural desert putt-putt course and a fishing pond (actually, a chair, a fishing rod, and a fair distance off in the desert - a kids wading pond.  Good way to practice your casting.

This cholla apparently has been trying to jump onto someone.

Look at all those baby chollas on the ground!

I'm starting to see cactus in bloom

The desert in bloom is a wondrous sight!
This RV park is definitely one 'to howl about'!

Did I  mention the sunset?

Why do I think that Saguaro is missing a 'finger'?

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