Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

RV'ing Women Event, Arizona Chapter

When I was in Quartzite, I heard about an event "RV'ing women" was hosting and decided to check it out.  I'd been wondering if it would be an organization that would be useful when I was on the road.  I think, based on the weekend, that I might join.  The event itself was fun, drawing women not only from Arizona but others like me who were fleeing the winter weather in our northern home states.  Got my fill of socializing for awhile and made a few contacts that may grow into longer term friendships.

Unusual crested organ pipe

Cactus, cactus, cactus . . . and then more cactus!

The Organ Pipe Cactus Monument is a specially designated bio-zone (not exactly the correct term) dedicated to preserving the unique, pristine nature of the Sonoran desert.  It is the greenest of the 4 american deserts and forested with saguaro, organ pipe, ocotillo, agave, brittle bush, creosote, mesquite, ironwood, paloverde, prickly pear, fishhook and barrel cactus, and, a lot of flowers this time of year.

The campground is only about 5 miles from Mexico!

Several groups were continuing on after the weekend to Rocky Point, Mexico. Rocky point is a beach town on the Sea of Cortez.  Fresh shrimp, an ocean beach - hard to imagine while sitting amidst the dessert sands and cactus!  Very tempting if I had had the proper paper work for Fay Wray!

Being so close to the border is an interesting experience after 9-11.  There are border inspection stations along all the highways north out of Mexico and along the major east/west highways.  Not much hassle, although most of them have dogs that take a sniff at your vehicle.  I saw a border patrol take down of a vehicle a couple miles from one of the inspection sites and several women at the event had similar stories.
There are signs at most of the major boondocking areas warning of illegal activity and what to do if you see anything suspicious.  

At Organ Pipe, rangers told me that they have found more than 150 miles of illegal roads cut into the park, along with marijuana grows and meth labs.  Such a shame to damage such a fragile and beautiful place.

Sunrise, I was trying to hike up to a viewpoint - but overslept :'(   

Kitty Corner

Arizona is experiencing unusually warm weather - high 80's.  So warm, the snakes are starting to come out of hibernation early!

Mom, it's 92 in here!
Be sure and catch my next post - FW's solution to the heat!

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