3 o'clock to Yuma

Well, the old Territorial Prison is now a State Park

And, Yuma's claim-to-fame now is that it produces about 90% of the nations green leafy veggies during the winter months.  And a heck of a lot of medjool dates - I haven't succumbed to buying a date shake - yet!

Astonishing sunrises and sunsets are great, but . . . 

So is sitting in an air-conditioned Starbucks sipping a latte while using free Wi-fi to efficiently find and get directions to the nearest Post Office, bank, pet store (for FW's special kibble), grocery store, etc.  Wow, big-box stores and restaurants!

It is also delightful to lay in bed and watch the Olympics and network news on TV.

Such are the delights of boondocking in Yuma!  Although it is somewhat disconcerting to be in AZ (mountain time), then CA (pacific time) and back again several times during the day!  And most of the billboards are for services in Algodones, Mexico - just a few miles down the road.

And, I still get the sunsets!


  1. It all sounds good Anne although really, no mention of Costco other than a possibility in the generic "big box store". Glad to hear you weren't totally taken in by the Quartzite lifestyle. Yuma must be warmer since the AC feels good. Thanks for more great pics.

    1. I don't dare even think about Costco - not with the tiny amount of storage I have! And yes, it's warm down here - in the high 80's (I'd say it's a bit too hot - but I can imagine that no one would very sympathetic!).
      I wish I was a better photographer - I can't begin to do justice to how pretty it really is.


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