Cue the music . . . "It's a small, small world . . . "

Another Oregon neighbor!

I've been watching trailers arrive all week at the Casita Rally in Quartzite.  Campsites were getting tighter and tighter as more little eggs squeezed their way in.  Friday afternoon I was initially appalled as  someone drove practically over my patio mat to park not 10 yards from my door.  When I came out to see who had arrived, I was surprised to see someone I know!  Aggravation fell away as I realized that my new neighbor is a gal I met at a N.O.G. (northern Oregon gathering) at Stub Stewart  State Park in Oregon not long ago.  She has the cutest little Hunter Compact II (I call it the 'Summer of Love' trailer since it's very 60's in the interior colors and decoration).  And here we both are, over a thousand miles from home.

'Summer of Love' - there's also a blow-up banana & a monkey - and that's just outside!

Over 85 trailers signed in for the rally!

That's a lot of fiberglass, baby!  I picked up a string of mini-led lights at the swap meet - I'm thinking of wiring them into a small patio solar light panel and perhaps using a rechargeable battery to store the energy - might be cute around the belly band of the trailer . . . a project in the making.

Hobo soup lunch followed by the ladder ball tournament

Quartzite quilt show

Small,but very nice display of quilts, both traditional and more modern examples of fiber art.  As though my eyes aren't getting their fill of vibrant, intense color here in the desert, this show just made my heart happy with all the beautiful quilt colors.

Not a quilt, but very pretty


  1. Amazing that you would run into another familiar egg (and that she would park next to you). You just never know when paths will cross. I am curious what hobo soup is (lunch version of hobo stew or maybe sans campfire)?

    1. Everyone donates a can of soup (not creamed), and they all get poured into a big pot to serve. Our cooks separated chicken from beef based soups before heating, so there were two soups to choose from. Surprisingly good considering the mishmash of soups that went into it!

  2. I don't think I would have thought of that. Are you sticking around after the other eggs leave?


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