Imperial Dam LTVA

Can't miss this turnoff

From highway 95, the turnoff for Imperial Dam is also the entry to the military Yuma Proving Ground.  You can climb on the old guns; further down the road is another display of old military stuff that you can play on (totally at your own risk, there are many signs forbidding climbing on the equipment and denying any responsibility for injury - but, really - how could anyone resist).

On each side of the entry road sits a 200mm m1 howitzer; sure can't miss these babies!

Tanks, howitzers, rockets and rocket launchers, troup carriers, all sorts of big rusty stuff.

The LTVA is massive and has some surprising services

In addition to the usual RV dump, fresh water, and trash dumpsters, there is a 'Liberry' trailer book exchange and a can and plastic recycling program that funds a surprising library accessory program.  The library maintains a collection of folding tables, BBQ's, and other common things that you might want if you're hosting a party or have someone visiting you (but that you wouldn't keep in a small trailer).  You can check this stuff out just like a library book.  How cool is that!!

I'm told that there are organized exercise classes several times a week at the pavilion and a musical jam session every Sunday afternoon (in the pavilion just below my campsite).  All that, and Yuma is still only about 20 miles away.

There are lots of different areas to camp and even more styles.  Some rigs are lined up like streets; others are grouped into a circle-the-wagons style.  Some are loners.

I'm betting this guy got here in September to snag this primo spot!

A Class B or maybe conversion van disguised as an Arabian tent (very cool and shady under those sun screens)

Jon Vermilye, was still camping at Imperial Dam when I arrived.  Yay, I'm camping near him - and his hummingbird feeder has got the locals trained (as a result, my feeder had visitors within the first day).  When I noticed equine poop near my site, Jon said that he'd heard the wild burros that hang out on the military proving ground several times during his stay - so apparently, they wander through the LTVA as well.  Later that afternoon, I saw a group of 4 burros (including a foal) about 100 yards away, casually strolling thru the campsite.  Unfortunately, I was walking Fay Wray and couldn't get to my camera).

Lots of bicycling and hiking in the area.

I've been walking and bicycling every day.  I met a gal from Bend, OR. who had the good sense to bring a kayak!  She's been out on the reservoir every day.

Best of all, no bugs!

Kitty Corner

Endlessly Curious!


  1. That looks like it would be a really fun place to camp!

    Love the water and the liberry. :)

  2. It has been a fun place. Yesterday, there was a music jam in the pavillion below my campsite. I went down to listen to the music and sketch people - it was a lot of fun. Today, there's an aerobics class followed, I'm told, by yoga. Two days ago, there was a wedding reception!

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