New camp near Yuma, AZ

Boondocking on American Girl Mine Road

I had heard that there was boondocking on Sidewinder Road West of Yuma of I-8.  Here's a tip - don't take the Sidewinder road exit!  From that end, you have about 5 miles of very rough washboard before you get to the boondocking area.  There are huge sand berms on both sides of the road - no way for most vehicles and RV's to navigate over them.

Instead, proceed west to Ogilby Road exit and go north thru Picacho Recreation Area, across the train tracks.  American Girl Road, and several other areas that allow camping start right after the train tracks.  

Here's my new camp:

Kitty Corner

It continues to be blistering hot here!  FW naps during the day, but as the sun starts to go down, she has begun to display intense interest in OUTSIDE (by intense I mean meowing continually and climbing on the screen door - yikes!).

So, as usual, I caved!

So far, when she gets scared, she runs back to the trailer.  I'm surprised by how brave she is and how far she wanders!  She's learning to not freak out at the restrictions of the leash.  For the last couple of days, she been outside for about 20 minutes each  evening - she explores chipmunk holes while I follow her around keeping the leash untangled, watching the sunset and watching out for kitty predators (3D - snakes, coyotes, birds of prey).

Takes her awhile after I bring her in before she calms down and stops looking for exits and meowing.


  1. We like that area. We're not boondockers but we do like Pilot Knob RV Park

    1. It was so convenient to Yuma, which was bigger than I expected! I got a lot of city chores and errands finished.

  2. Fun to watch FW learn the ins and outs of boondocking. :)

    Do you enjoy camping in the desert?

    1. FW is a hoot! I'm getting only slightly less paranoid when she's out (afraid she'll run away and get lost). The down side is that she getting very demanding and sneaky about trying to get out of the car and trailer when she's not supposed to!

      Iliked being in the desert until last night when I was in added by thousands of tiny gnats - so small the came through the mesh on the screens! It was pretty gross and annoying. There will be a post about it soon (oh, the horror!). Anyway, after major spraying and then cleaning, I moved camp!

  3. Yuma has some of the best sunsets you'll ever see. Some people think it's just a super hot place in the desert, but it's so much more than that to a lot of us here. Hope you guys all had a good time!


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