Sunrise brings a sprinkling of rain and more high winds

Sunrise over the Kofa Mountains

Normally, I'm up too late for sunrise, but this morning, I woke to the sound of rain on the trailer.  I was enjoying the sounds when Fay Wray realized I was awake and began her morning campaign to get me up: meowing, bouncing off the walls of the trailer, landing on me, using me as a launchpad - in short, making it impossible to consider going back to sleep.  

Seemed like a good project day

I brought a roll of reflectix insulation along and several weeks ago fitted a panel for the back window.  It has worked really well to keep the sun/heat out of the trailer.  I decided today I would cut panels for the rest of the windows - not needed now but if , in the future, I'm camping someplace really cold, they'll help to insulate against the cold.  The non-opening windows all have a handy channel that the reflectix fits into nicely.  For the opening windows, I cut the panels to fit the frame.  The next time I'm in town, I'll pick up some Velcro 'dots' and use that to stick the panels to the window frames.  Meanwhile, the panels fold up and fit very neatly under the dinette seat.

No pictures of the reflectix panels, so these saguaro will have to do

Some cactus play by the rules

Others dance to their own music!

I've heard that when folks say "the desert smells like rain", the smell is the fragrant creosote bush.  Tonight, as scattered rain continues, I can validate the saying!  My trailer is smelling like incense.

Can you see the little hummer in the middle of this creosote bush?


  1. We have "dots" of Velcro on our Reflectix shades, but the heat of the summer desert tends to loosen them more quickly than I would like. Try a pressure fit at first, and then if that isn't satisfactory, you can cut them down a bit and try the dots.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Thanks for the tip Judie! Now that you mention it, I have noticed the Velcro holding the cargo liner in place in my Honda Pilot has come unglued where the sun hits it.

  2. You're lucky FW waits til you are awake. I have one that wakes me by getting in my face and whinning at 6am to tell me that he is hungry.

    1. I used to have a cat like that - now my cats are free fed and only get treats in the evening!
      I'm feeling pretty thankful that FW is adapting to trailer life so well.

    2. Today, I was so grumpy I threw a slipper at her! She sulked long enough for me to get a few more zzz's.

  3. Ooh the hummingbird photo is so cute. I would have missed it if you had not pointed it out. I like your escape. I have been looking at/wishing for the 19 for a long time. Do you like it?--Angie2B

    1. Hi Angie,
      I love my Escape! It's one of the early Escapes though and the holding tanks are a bit small for extended boondocking - I'm thinking of upgrading to take advantage of , not only bigger tanks, but a slew of other features that have been added in the 8 years that I've owned my trailer. The 19 is really sweet!
      Hard to think of replacing this trailer though - I have so many incredible memories tied to it!


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