All Showers are not Equal

14 Dec, 2016; Imperial Dam LTVA, Yuma AZ

I have 3 different shower options here

I always have my trailer wet-bath of course.  I always use it for quick everyday essential hygiene and washing my hair, but rarely use it for a full-blown shower.  When boon-docking, a full shower uses too much fresh water and fills up my grey water tank too fast.  Developed campgrounds often have showers which are bigger than my trailer shower, don’t impact my grey water and have unlimited hot water.

My teeny-tiny, but functional, shower!

Another issue with using too much water in my trailer right now is that I’m having problems with my water pump.  The first issue occurred when hooked up to city water at the RVing Women conference in October – put it only happens when using city water.  So while I wait for a part from the factory, it’s not an issue because I’m boon-docking and not using city water. 
Then, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed water in the aisle!  Investigating, I found that the water pump is seeping water at the main gaskets (that hold two parts of the pump together). 

Ackk!!!  I cleaned up all the water, let things dry out – fortunately, that happens quickly in the desert.  Then, I tried to notice when it happens – it doesn’t happen a lot – but always if I do a whole sink full of dishes or for sure, dishes and then a shower.  So, I’m trying to limit my use of the water pump. When I get the part for the first problem, I’ll take the trailer into an RV repair place and have them take care of both issues.

Back to showers . . . .

Here at the LTVA, there are also showers – outside by the main road (in full view of everyone passing by and cold water to boot!  Suitable for rinsing off after boating in the reservoir perhaps – but I can’t imagine using them otherwise.

Outside - by the main road!

But, I found a 3rd, pretty much perfect, option that also exists here.  Less than a mile away, Squaw Lake Campground has very nice pay showers.  For only a buck, I got a dressing room
and 7 minutes of deliciously hot water.  This will be my shower option while I’m staying at the LTVA!!!

And, if it's crowded when I go to take my shower, there is a delightful lake to sit beside while I wait.

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