What DO you do all day?

3 Dec, 2016; Quartzite, AZ

The same things you do . . .

Today was a chore day – vacuum, dust, wash dishes, go to the laundromat, grocery shopping, post office, etc.  Some things are easier (after all, how hard can it be to clean a 19’ trailer); other things are harder – in every new town, I need to figure out where the stores are and which ones have things I’m likely to want.  Getting some services, like haircuts, are especially harrowing – I mean would you trust a hair salon called ‘cactus curlers’ with a picture of a 1950’s bouffant style in the window?  Well, it’s my only choice.

Then there’s sight-seeing

Today I drove to see the Poston memorial of the WWII Japanese Internment Camps.  Especially relevant in today’s political climate that sees this enormous injustice as a blueprint for Muslim registration.

 "This massive internment of over 120,000 men, women, and children with more than 1/16th Japanese Blood . . .the majority, Americans by birth, were stripped of their citizenship. They endured countless indignities at the hands of a nation misguided by war-time hysteria, racial prejudice and fear.  We erect this monument to remind us that such a gross miscarriage of justice will never happen again to any group of people" . Many of these loyal citizens came home to find their property, businesses, homes, and belongings gone.

Very sobering to realize that there are those in this country who would repeat this type of injustice.

And then . . . there are the projects!

I’ve had this Radio Shack kit for over 5 years.  But, I bought it without realizing that I needed to solder to complete it.  I was intimidated.  But, feeling the need for some holiday cheer, I found a battery powered soldering iron and am determined to complete this project!

Oh dear, lots and lots of soldering on teeny, tiny little wires!

Hours and hours of frustration later . . . . .

I'll call it a 'limited success'

Well, at least it did light up - so basically, it worked.  However, on 4 of the 16 lights are on - even where it looks and feels like the soldered connection is good.  And, they were supposed to blink - but, they don't.  But - it does light up - so, I'm calling it a 'qualified success'. And hope I never have to solder again!

Tomorrow, I get out the rest of the holiday decorations!

And almost every night - a great sunset!

I'm told that the sunrises are also nice, but I only catch one about once a week and so far, they have been pretty, but, uninspiring.

The Plomosa mountains struck by the setting sun.

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