Settling in to the new site

11 Dec, 2016; Imperial Dam LTVA, Yuma AZ

Since I’ll be here a whole month over the holidays, I really unpack!

How much setup I do depends a lot on how long I’m planning on staying.  For an overnight, I don’t even unhook if I can help it.  I’m hoping to stay at Imperial Dam through the holidays, so I do the full set up on the trailer (stabilizer jacks down, wheel covers on, etc) and set up my patio with table, chairs, patio mat, the Paha Que for shade, and the solar lights so I don’t trip on anything at night (and hopefully, won’t lose the trailer if I’m away until after dark).

I added some grommets to a tarp to tie it around the grill table – this will shade my cooler and preserve the ice for a few more days.

Some areas of the LTVA are more artistic than others!!

The sunblocker is supposed to hang from the awning – but I MacGiver’ed it to block sun on the Paha Que – if we get a sudden wind, I’d rather the Paha Que gets flattened – it was a lot cheaper than the trailer awning!  Today, I watched a dust devil kick up and spin across the desert in front of my trailer – there was really hardly any wind generally today.

The hummingbirds found me on day 3!

Mostly I have two, a male and female Costa’s hummingbird. 

Fay Wray approves of the new site.

FW has been insistent on going outside at least once a day and exploring the site – I have a lot of patio stuff out that she hasn’t seen in awhile.

But, today was just too much for her.  She couldn’t even be bothered to look at the hummingbirds.  She was just . . . .so . . . . tired . . . . . and sleepy . . . . in the bright sun.

Suddenly so sleepy - can not move another step

Must lay down

Being in the open - prey for coyotes - too sleepy to care!

ahhhh . . . . napping in the sun  - doesn't get better than this!!

And the obligatory sunset!


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