It's Officially Winter in my Trailer

7 Dec, 2016; Quartzite AZ

Winter comes to 'En Plein Aire'

No, I'm not in snow or freezing rain - but the season does subtly change even down here and modifications are in order.  

  • The winter comforter has come out of squished storage (Bed, Bath, and Beyond had great bags that can be vacuum sealed with my 12 volt car vacuum).
  • The duffel with all my winter clothing (long pants, long-sleeved polos, fleece and down vests, jammies, etc) now holds most of my shorts and T-shirts.
  • I'm drinking hot tea instead of iced - I won't be buying 20 bags of ice every week for cooling down beverages.
  • The furnace kicks on a few times every night now - and I boost it up to take off the chill in the mornings.  It's still warm enough to open all the windows during the day to air out the trailer though.
  • Instead of moving my outside chair throughout the day to maximize shade and breezes, I'm now seeking locations that maximize direct sunlight and wind blockage.

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