Life on a knife edge

12 Dec, 2016; Imperial Dam LTVA, Yuma AZ

The importance of water

Of course, we all know how important water is – but, the impact of water is so obvious in the desert.  Green living plants follow the water and the line between green and barren gravel is like a knife edge here.  Traveling in the desert, I’ve gotten used to the desert pavement with its ribbons of water-frugal cactus, shrubs and trees hugging the often dry washes.  I love the colored rock and the highlights of intense color in the sky, flowering cactus, or the flash of color on a hummingbird against the more muted sages, tans and browns of the desert floor.

Camping along the Colorado river the difference between water/no water is more dramatic.  Vegetation around the reservoir is lush – Palm Trees, head-high rushes, and the deep green of water saturated plants.

Driving to Yuma

Driving to Yuma takes one through farm land. The Yuma area provides something insane, like 90%, of America’s winter produce.  It’s easy to believe as I drive through miles of deep green produce and date groves.

Nothing grows without irrigation!!

And, of course . . . .

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