Christmas in the LTVA

26 Dec, 2016; Imperial Dam LTVA, Yuma CA

Christmas Light Parade

Reminding me of the decorated ‘boat parade’ in Portland, the Christmas Light Parade here consists of decorated cars and trucks that parade around the LTVA for several nights before Christmas.  It was lots of fun and, along with trailers that decorated outside with lights, helped increase the holiday feeling.

Not my picture - it was too dark for my camera

So relaxed that I forget the ‘real’ world . . .

A couple of days ago I was heading into town for some last minute shopping when it started to rain.  I had to really think about where the wiper control was and how to operate the intermittent wipers!

The only decent pic I could get of some of  the outside decorations

What was I thinking!!!

Shopping on the day before Christmas!!!???  Somehow I had totally spaced out that this is never a good idea.  But, there I was – traffic, lines – desperate people rushing about for last minute presents or forgotten dinner items.  In addition to the people, this was one of the few cold, rainy and very windy days I've experienced down here.

While I was waiting in lines with Christmas music blaring from loudspeakers, I composed the following:

Oh, it started out so relaxing
But the lines, they were so taxing
And since I still have more to buy
Oh it blows, Oh it blows, Oh it blows

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
The furnace inside delightful
And since I’m real happy right here

Let it blow, Let it blow, Let it blow!


Fay Wray got her favorite treat and a new catnip toy - treat appreciated; toy ignored.

A photo album for 'En Plein Aire', some photo frames for the wall, socks and (of course) jewelry

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