Dump Day–or, maybe, Moving Day

9 Dec, 2016; Quartzite, AZ / Imperial Dam LTVA, Yuma AZ

Eventually, in every boondockers life, the day comes when the grey/black tanks must be emptied.  I can take trash to the transfer station, I can haul fresh water in 5 gallon increments as I’m out touring around – but for the tanks, I have to hook up and move the trailer.

Costa's Hummingbird - he'll miss me when I'm gone!

It takes about an hour to secure everything inside/outside the trailer, take off the wheel covers, raise the stabilizer jacks, hitch up, and get off the leveling chalks.  Usually, I leave all the patio stuff at the site – it’s too much trouble to pack it up too – and it lets any newcomers know that I’m still occupying the site.

The camp hosts for Plomosa Road finally got set up this week – which meant that now I’m officially on the 14-day free camping clock.  But, in looking at my calendar for the next couple of months and timing out when I need to be at different places for upcoming events and rallies, I realized that I would need to leave Plomosa in the next week.  And, the holidays are approaching.

Timing out when to move is not something I do very well yet.  I know I need to dump my tanks every 2 weeks which fits well with the 14 day BLM camping limit.  But, suddenly, I have 3 events at specific times/locations to schedule along with not wanting to move during the holidays (after all, I just decorated – that’s even more setup/break down).

So, I was mulling all this over in my mind as I packed up to go dump.  And realizing that I have gotten bored with my site on Plomosa.  I’ve hiked, walked, bike the area.  I’ve weasled out a few new places to sightsee – I’ve eaten at the restaurants I wanted to visit.  I was kind of done with Quartzite for awhile.

So, I packed up everything and headed generally South.  I passed the La Posa LTVA’s south of Quartzite – no – still too close.  I drove by the KOFA wildlife refuge – I remembered having a very nice time there several years ago – but no – in my mind, I was thinking water.  Imperial Dam LTVA to be specific.  Water to possibly paddle in, a dump, trash bins and potable water on site, a free exchange “Liberry” , lots of social opportunities in the camping community – and within 25 miles of Yuma – a bigger city for shopping.  And I can stay put for the holidays.

Another cool thing about Imperial Dam is the large amount of uninhabited land between the bordering Yuma Proving Grounds, KOFA wildlife refuge, Cibola Wildlife refuge, and Mittry Lake means that it’s home to herds of wild burros!  These guys are really cute – I saw some last time I was here.  I saw some burro poop near my new site – hopefully, I’ll get to see some actual burros while I’m here.

The new site

Less vegetation - but more Wild Burros - hopefully I'll see some!

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