Hunting for Wild Burros!

15 Dec, 2016; Imperial Dam LTVA, Yuma AZ

I know they’re around

There is Burro poop all over the place!  But, if I were a wild Burro, I wouldn’t come through the campground until nightfall when all the dogs are inside.

Where else can you get pics of burro poop!

So, I head out into the desert.

Are they in the washes?  Again, I see lots of fresh poop – but no Burros.

I see some interesting cactus and a mysterious bone

Most of the vegetation here consists of tumbleweed (if I was a plant, I’d want to get up and leave too!), creosote and ironwood trees in the washes.  I only see two saguaro as far as I can see.

I think this is a small 'blind prickly pear' - protected from the worst of the wind and sun by surrounding rocks - it is stunted, but clinging to life.

Whatever this was, it lost it's fight.  It's surprisingly stout for such a short bone.

One of 2 saguaros I saw on the horizon - again - it has had some sun-protection from the bush in front.

Here’s a well-traveled burro trail

I find fresh tracks in the sand – but still no burros.

Desert hiking is good for the ‘directionally-challenged’

Everyone knows that I don’t have the best sense of direction – where else but here can I hike for an hour, turn around and still be able to see my trailer.  Yes, it’s that flat and empty here!!

The hunt continues . . .

One of my neighbors tells me that he heard Burros braying out in the desert.  Laughing at my efforts to find them no doubt.


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