It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas (trailer style)!

5 Dec, 2016; Quartzite, AZ

I only brought a shoe box worth of holiday decorations . . . 

And, of course, most of the shoe box is filled with Halloween stuff!  But, I did pack a few small ornaments and things for Christmas (FW insists on a stocking filled with treats and catnip).

The Christmas tree was a Radio Shack electronic project - required the purchase of a battery operated soldering iron and learning how to do at least 8 billion tiny little solders.  I lost 2 'jumpers' somewhere along the line and had to fashion (MacGiver) replacements from scrap.  Amazingly, it works!  Sort of . . . like all the actual trees I've ever had, some of the tree lights won't light!

Overall, the effect is kind of nice!  At home in the rainy Pacific Northwest, I went through a couple hundred tea lights every Dec-Feb - every evening I lit a half dozen or so candles on the mantle over a roaring gas fireplace trying to beat back the dismal dark winter evenings.  With all the sun here, I don't have that same need - but the twinkly lights around the window are nice. 

Lily is doing double-duty with her 'elf-on-a-shelf' imitation

Feather Woman playing Christmas Angel

FW playing the part of the Grinch

The outside solar light string is kind of festive, I think.


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    1. Fun to decorate! Although, the normal green/red Christmas motifs seem out-of-place in the Southwest. I'm thinking of just gold, silver, coppery tones with a bit of red would fit better. I'll have to check out traditional Mexican holiday decorations - maybe they aren't so Kris Kringle.


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