There's more than 1 kind of desert

28 Dec, 2016; Imperial Dam LTVA, Yuma AZ

I’m talking about “Food Desert” not Chihuahuan, Sonoran, and Mohave!

I’ve learned that if I find one of my favorite brands while grocery shopping, I need to stock up on as much of it as my trailer can carry!

For instance, I love Peanut Butter.  But, I don’t like to stir it and I don’t like added sugar.  That pretty much narrows my PB selection to Adams No-stir PB – which is not found anywhere down here.  Pretty much all mainstream brands have sugar as the second ingredient; organic specialty brands often also have sugar, but even if they don’t, will require stirring or come without salt.

After shopping in Yuma for the last couple of weeks, I chanced into a bigger-than-normal Fry’s (Kroger owned – a lot like a Fred Meyer or a King Soopers).  I was amazed and thrilled!!   My favorite coffee creamer!  My favorite Soy Milk!!  An olive bar!!!!  (still no Adams PB – oh well . . .)  Most of these favorites require refrigeration – so I’m limited by the size of my fridge – but the soy milk is shelf-stable until opened so, I will really stock up on that before I leave Yuma.  And tea. And . . .

Yumm - stuffed olives!

Still on the hunt for individually-sized diet mixers (ginger ale, tonic).  Easy to find in the big gigantic size – but they go flat before I finish them.

Who can resist a beautiful sunrise!

Even if the rest of the day looked like this:


  1. You can use your Fred Meyer discount card at Frys. But you probably figured that out. I need to find my card. It saves you quite a bit of money.

    1. I was thrilled when I figured that out! I used my 'points' the other day and got gas for $1.85.
      I can't find my card either - but my phone number works as 'alternate ID'.

    2. I guess I'll try that. Last time, in the check out line, the lady behind me let me use her card and told me to pass it on!


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