Yikes! A scorpion under the Welcome mat!

21 Feb, 2017; Kofa Wildlife Refuge

The Welcome mat is not intended for scorpion, spiders or snakes!

Wintering in the desert has made me complacent!  When I lived in west Texas, I was diligent about never putting my fingers or feet anywhere I didn't have a clear view.  I always shook out my clothes in the morning and upended my shoes.  I used to wonder how scorpions got into closed suitcases in the back of my closet.

But, in getting ready to pack things up for moving camp, I just grabbed the welcome mat and was, unpleasantly, surprised by a large scorpion under the mat.  I think all the rain in the last few days must have driven it out of it's burrow.  

I'm glad Fay Wray was inside - she might have tried to play with it.  The scorpion was pretty large (the body alone was about 1.5-2" long) and an unusual color - I'm used to tan/brown ones that are somewhat smaller.

I was going to 'rehome' it so that FW could come outside and be in the sun - but, by the time I got a cup, etc.  it had wandered off.  At least, I hope it wandered off and isn't inside one of my trailer chalks or folding chairs!

That excitement over, I glanced over at the ever-changing Kofa mountains

The mountains change color all day as the sun moves; and, over the past few rainy days, has been playing peek-a-boo among all the rain clouds.   This morning, I noticed that a big cloud (or ground fog) was rolling along the desert floor in front of the mountains so that only the top peaks could be seen.  

Apparently, this cloud got a 'flat' - maybe a puncture from an especially tall saguaro, and deflated to ground level.

Last night's western view of the sunset was too glitzy to pair with the alpen glow on the mountains to the east.

The light on the mountains to the east was so ethereal  that I didn't want to spoil it with these flashier pictures of the sunset view to the west.  Tonight's sunset was kind of 'meh', so here's the one from last night.

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