Moving Day: saying ‘goodbye’ to Roadrunner BLM neighbors and ‘hello’ to new ones at Dome Rock.

2 Feb, 2017, Dome Rock BLM, Quartzite AZ

I had become quite accustomed to our little group of women remaining after the RV’ing Women Rally.

I thought I might be camping alone as the rally ended and there was an exodus of RV’s as folks returned to their homes.  Maybe a dozen women stayed another week; then it was down to me, Jeanne, Roz, and Deb.  We went out to dinner, took walks, played cribbage, and enjoyed several really nice camp fires.  But, our time ran out, and everyone had a different destination – so we have scattered like leaves in the wind - until next time.

Last sunset in Roadrunner BLM

Last camp fire at Roadrunner

My move was a whole 14 miles, and that included the trip to RV Pit Stop to dump and fill up my fresh water tank!

Dome Rock is a familiar place – this will be the third time I’ve camped here for the annual Molded Fiberglass Trailer Rally.  It’s quite a big deal – last year I think there were almost 200 people here.  But, several days before the pre-rally even starts, there are only about a half-dozen of us.  Jon (Jon's Journeys) is still in his 17’ Escape, although he has a new 21’ on order!  He's here with his camera taking great pictures (I may just point you to his blog for some of them); Glenda (Casita Escapes), who I saw last weekend at ‘Bloggerfest’ is already here in her Casita. 

The weather is definitely cooperating!

Sunrise at Dome Rock

No wind and a very warm day – the perfect opportunity to try out the sun shades for my awning!  The front awning is super simple (not quite the full length of my awning – but the next size up would have been too long).  The side blocker only came in one size and it is clearly meant for a much bigger motor home.  However, I think if I turn it upside down and backwards and add some grommets, it will not only fit my awning but wrap around to the front just a bit and cover the gap caused by the too short front piece.

I think FW approves!

Side piece needs some work

Anyway, it was lovely to sit outside and enjoy the view in the cool of the shade.  My very own ‘Arizona Room’.  I cooked dinner outside and ate while watching the sunset.

Too busy eating to get a pic of the sunset - but isn't the trailer cute in the dark?!


  1. Like your sunshades! Will be there tomorrow.
    The trio of eggs that just pulled in to the ridge are friends from the Southeast. Go say hi if you are close!

    1. I think I met them today - nice women! It will be good to visit with you. I'm on the main level, East end with a rainbow windsock.


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