10th Annual Quartzite Molded Fiberglass Trailer Rally!

6 Feb, 2017; Dome Rock BLM, Quartzite AZ

The Pre-Rally folks have started to arrive bringing the party with them

Registration started on Monday – since this is the 10th Anniversary, organizers made up pins to use as nametags – really nice idea!

I put my pin on my hat - doesn't get covered up when I add layers

Rigs are starting to fill in the spaces – I’m told that last year there were almost 200!  (I thought that was people but no, that’s trailers).  Fortunately, there is a lot of space here and folks have plenty of room to orient their trailers as needed.  At the height of the rally, I’ll take a picture to show how many folks show up.

Super Bowl PLUS a campfire!

I hadn’t expected to watch the game this year; I don’t get TV antenna signal out here and the bar I’ve watched games before has closed. 
But, Claire, another FullTimer in a 17’ Casita, called to let me know of an impromptu party near her.

A couple of guys got their technology together and put a 40” flat screen outside a trailer, powered by a generator and hooked up to someone’s Dish (well, I’m not exactly sure what the TV technology was – but it worked great!).  As the sun went down and it began to get chilly, they pulled out a propane fire pit just like the one I have.  Took the chill off and added a bit of camping ambiance.

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