Big Day at the Rally

12 Feb, 2017; Dome Rock BLM, Quartzite AZ

A beautiful start to the day

I saw the sunrise this morning - had to get up early to get my stuff over to the swap meet - a great opportunity to find new homes for the camping stuff that hasn't worked out for me and perhaps pick up a few things that will be useful for me.  My used books and DVD's went on the 'free' table.

8 am is an early start for me; but even then, lots of folks showed up

Many people came with their coffee cups in hand, but sales were brisk - starting even before the 'official' open.

The cloudy skies meant a bit of rain later on for the ladder ball tournament and soup potluck - but not enough to scare off very many people.  As the rain lifted, an early campfire was started, and folks started to gather for a 'dessert potluck in the desert'.  This event was apparently a big hit last year -I really enjoyed it this year (although, I could have been a bit more restrained).

An entire potluck consisting of desserts?  Hey, we're grown-ups and can do whatever we want.

The 'unofficial' count for the rally was a bit less than last year but still a respectable 144 trailers (80 Casitas, 17 Scamps, 27 Escapes, a few BigFoots, Little Snoozy, Luc's 1974 Ventura, and a few SOB's).  The official count by brand/size will be posted on the Casita Forum.  I think the first year that I came (3 years ago), there were only about a half dozen Escapes!

Now, here's a novel way to exercise your dogs!

This Canadian animal-behaviorist has found a great way to keep her active dogs exercised!  She full-times in an Escape 17.

"Gee; Haw" - a paw-powered assist to this recumbent bike.  The Pomeranian sometimes ran alongside, sometimes hopped up for a ride.  Too cute!!

The day ended with another great sky

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