Ahhh . . . . T-Shirt weather again!

31 Jan, 2017; Roadrunner BLM, Quartzite AZ

The stiff breezes lately caused an upgrade for my new windsock

When I first got it home, I just wanted to see it up and flying, so I used bungee cords to attach the pole to the upright on my bike rack.  I knew that this would be a temporary way for mounting the windsock – and sure enough, the next day winds were brisk enough to cause a problem. 

Fortunately, Quartzite has a couple of good hardware stores – so off I went to Herb’s Hardware on N. Main (Hwy 95).   I picked up some U-bolts and wing-nuts that looked to be the right size.  I did measure but am never sure if something is going to be just right or just a tad wrong.  This time the sizes worked just right!

The desert is not so deserted

The sunny days with less wind have made it a lot easier to get myself out walking (gotta try to get those 10k steps per day!).  There are lots of signs that this land is used by more than just campers and off-road ATV’ers.  Along a couple of the ‘main’ BLM gravel roads there are series of concrete posts (El Paso Natural Gas row markers?).  I don’t know if this means that there are underground gas lines or a sign of previous drilling.  Interesting things to contemplate as I trudge along.

No idea - it's not even attached to the ground - maybe someone had a sign here - it's right by a crossroad

El Paso Natural Gas - Row marker

No idea - just a concrete pad with a rusty thing imbedded in the top.

The nicer weather means more sitting outside in the sun (for me and Fay Wray).

saguaro just outside my trailer.

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  1. Glad to see you are also Enjoying this Weather Improvement.
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