A Small town is developing

8 Feb, 2017; Dome Rock BLM,Quartzite AZ


Trailers keep pouring in 

Streets and loops are forming.  Addressing is being developed – ‘'I’m up on the Mezzanine Level” , “on the other side of the wash past the Ladder-ball area”,  or “up by Casita Heights”.  I’m “an East-ender”.

Ladderball practice area

Sweet shady spot with rock sculpture garden

"Casita Heights" - on the "mezzanine" level

One of the new style Escapes!!!  There are a lot of them here at the rally; some just a few days old!

This jumping cholla has been 'jumping' - hope this doesn't mean someone's dog got too close

BYOB/Chair and a concert!


Trailer Tours – a major activity

Walking in the nearby mountains, or just doing the rather large loops around our encampment, is great exercise.  Walking the trailer loop can take the better part of the day though – everyone is quite social so between meeting new/old folks and getting the scoop on clever trailer modifications, solutions to common problems and just cute decorating tips, I always look forward to picking up some good ideas.

Solar Port for hooking up an auxiliary solar panel - I'm gonna get this!

My Awning is ready for the wind . . . and visitors

Since the wind can pick up quickly, I wanted the sunblockers to be quick to remove so that I can put away the awning quickly if the wind gets too high.  I’ve replaced almost all the cord ties with quick release bungees.  I may add an awning tie-down for a little extra confidence (I may be getting paranoid after my experience with the PahaQue at Imperial Dam in December).

The ground is so hard I couldn't pound in stakes; so, I had to lash to big rocks!
The solar light is to help prevent tripping after dark.

I added grommets so the sideblocker would work (flipped vertically and horizontally from standard) for my size awning.  Still too long - but that's Ok - the front one is too short!

If the awning is still up at dusk, I add the solar rope lights so folks don’t walk into the arms.  I’ll run a strand of lights along the propane hose to the fire pit so no one trips on that when I’m using it, too.

Great sunset and some new friends returned

As we were settling in to watch the sunset, I got a message from Jeanne (FT in a small vintage Chinook) and Roz (motorhome towing a small car).  They'd been up at the Escapees North Ranch RV Park doing an RV 'Boot Camp' and doing the 'smart weigh' to get their rigs weighed and analyzed.

Now they're back in Quartzite for a bit more maintenance (interior shades repaired, and some solar mods).  They found a nice big open spot that easily fit both their rigs and gives them a great view of the mountains.

Today was sunny, warm and not windy.  So, it was still quite comfortable sitting outside as the sun went down.  I lit my propane fire pit and watched the stars come out.


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  1. Now you have me thinking about flipping my side flap on the awning. Mine is too long as well. Thanks for the idea.


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