Walking the Spiral Labrynth

20 Feb, 2017; Kofa Wildlife Refuge, SW Arizona

Spiral Labyrinth only a mile from my camp site

I had heard that there was a neat feature that someone had carved into the desert pavement - using a technique very much like ancient people here carved giant picto-glyphs by raking the gravel away from the underlying sand.  I don't know when this feature was carved and normally I don't approve of defacing the natural landscape (it's pretty permanent now), this was pretty cool.

We walked the spiral as a meditation and it was quite powerful.

The day, having started out in such a spiritual way, ended with a sunset that was also unusually other-worldly.

The mountains and middle ground just glowed!

What a perfect ending to the day!


  1. That looks like a huge labyrinth! And so regular.

    1. I read on the internet (so I'm sure it's true) that it's diameter is 60' there are 21 circles. I don't know how they did it - probably science-d the heck out of it or copied some ancient peruvian temple technique with a string tied to a rock in the middle.


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