Yuma & Algodones

22 Feb, 2017; Yuma, AZ

Where to stay?

There are lots of options for boondocking near Yuma; Ogilby Rd, American Girl Mine Road, Mittry Lake, Imperial Dam LTVA and Pilot Knob LTVA - just the ones I know about.  We decide, since we're just in Yuma to re-supply then cross into Mexico so Julie can get a dental cleaning, that we'll stay at Pilot Knob 14-day BLM area.

Pilot Knob is not so scenic and is within sight and sound of I8, but it is convenient - only one exit from Hwy 186 and a couple miles from the entry point into Algodones, Mexico.  Pilot Knob is at the edge of a huge dune area, so it is flat, sandy and pretty bleak.  But, even when the desert seems totally lifeless - it's not.  Desert Lily was popping up all over, the Creosote and brittle bush is starting to bloom as well.

Desert Lily

Brisk winds blew up a lot of sand late in the afternoon (and set the trailer rocking overnight) that made sitting outside uncomfortable; however, the sunset looked kind of neat through all the sand.

Algodones, Mexico

The crossing into Mexico is through an Indian Reservation.  They maintain a big parking lot so that tourists can safely leave their cars and just walk over into Mexico.  That's by far the safest and easiest thing to do - parking would be impossible and the streets of this little town are choked with tourists and vendors.  While the streets and sidewalks are just a chaos of vendors and people, colorful patios offer some peace and quiet.

Getting into Mexico is a lot easier than getting out!   The lines stretch around the exit building and up a hill.  Waits of a couple hours are common; we were in line for about 90 minutes.


  1. after spending time in the Desert we are going to find it hard going home in McGregor to our park.
    be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The appearance of scorpions and spiders is making good the necessity of my heading home a bit more palatable!

      Be safe in your travels!


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